Denture Implants

CDT’s can provide denture over implants in conjunction with a dentist. The Dentist inserts the implants into the bone and after healing the CDT can fabricate a denture that clips onto the implants.

“One big advantage in choosing a Clinical Dental Technician to fulfill your denture needs is that you are dealing directly with the CDT who is making your dentures.”

It is a criminal offence for anyone other than a registered CDT or Dentist to provide any denture treatments directly to members of the public.

CDTs were brought about after the Competitions Authority published a Report on the Dental Industry in Ireland. In this Report they stated that the introduction of CDT’s would bring much needed competition into the supply of denture based treatments in Ireland thus making dentures more affordable.
CDT’s are trained and university educated to give their patients safe quality care. CDT’s will take a full medical history and carry out a soft tissue exam to ensure all is well with your oral health. When a matter arises the CDT has power of referral to a dentist or Dental Hospital. Your overall wellbeing is our priority.
It is very important that you check that the person making your denture(s) is a qualified, registered and licensed CDT. This can be checked through The Dental Council website.